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My name is Kelly, I am a certified occupational therapist assistant and the chief editor at the OTA Guide. We create and share the best free content, resources, and tools for occupational therapy students and certified occupational therapy assistants.

With our WordPress blog here we aim to bring more awareness to the growing field of Occupational Therapy and more specifically the demanding COTA career. As baby boomers are aging and the number of referrals for occupational therapy are quickly increasing the demand for occupational therapists and occupational therapy assistants is growing.

In addition to competitive pay and increasing demand, careers in OT are very rewarding as well, which is another reason we want to spread awareness for this great medical field. In fact Occupational Therapists consistently rank as one of the top careers.

So, whether you are a student trying to figure out your career path or you are in your career considering a change, we want you to at least know about occupational therapy.

It is a career that would enable you to help others live better lives while also improving your life.

We call that a “win win” in OT 😉

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